What not to do to Wounds

Tip One: Don’t wound people
Of the many wounds a person could get
The worst are from those one wouldn’t forget.
These wounds have an unusually long life,
Being tied to friendships that have memories running rife.

Tip Two: Don’t hurry in with wrong cures
Imagine the case of a wound slender and deep
And an eager friend
Covering it with random ointments’ heap;
Surface actions will provide temporary relief –
And wounds will re-surface once the hardened surfaces peal.

Tip Three: Don’t take shortcuts
You can heal only things that you understand
Your shortcuts may delay the touch of the right hand.

Tip Four: Don’t be late
Come back to heal in time –
If one has inflicted wounds that charred,
And they come back late
They will just witness scars.

In a moment of guilt visitors may tear them open
And be over-whelmed and run again afar.
Leaving wounds worse and bleeding,
They have only come and marred.

Tip Five: The ideal healer
To assist in healing,
One must sit down on their knees with bandage
Keeping a persistent watch,
On all that they damaged.
The best ones stay through and make things right
They stand by their friends in this fight.

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