Two Souls

Two Souls

Two souls from above
Peeped from behind the clouds
Captivated by the Earth, descend below
For adventures yet to be found

They go to live separate lives

Years later, at her front door
His voice gives a soft knock
Her disbelieving ears jump with joy
As with this divine music they begin to unlock

While his feet caress the awakening ground
And tell it to hush,
Roses and lilies wake up wildly
And redden with a deep blush.

She poured out to him everything

She asks him sheepishly
“I know not
Which part is fact, and which, fiction”

He says
“Only the truth in the moment
And the rest is fabricated from conviction”

“Why are we here?”
“Perhaps to experience this Earth.
Or perhaps to un-trap other familiar souls,
Only reachable through this mortal birth”

Inevitably we find ourselves here
In flesh and bone
Getting pulled and pushed in a world,
Feeling so alone

“If you have found the truth
You must help others feel it in their hearts”
“Maybe. But they hold desires
That need fulfilling before they depart”

“Okay, but tell me before you leave…
That love is a rumour
Tell me it cannot be found
Tell me it is all said in humour.

I meet all kinds of people
And hear the stories that they weave
But I don’t know which version is real
Can you tell me which one to believe?

This love is killing me slowly

If it is a fable
I can forget it with ease
Because I am being mocked
With this silly tease

If it is a lie
I can shrug it off now
But no one would tell me
Will you?” She bows.

He smiles. No answer.


They have each other
In an endless embrace
Perhaps not on the Earth,
But in the infinite space

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