Two friends and a Picnic

Two friends by a lake
They laugh at a joke.
Not far behind them a friendly house –
Sniffs out some Smoke.

The friends, they stroll,
And pet each other’s dog;
While somewhere in a house’s fireplace,
Someone pushes in another log.

The friends – they arrange a picnic,
They have a cake and open a beer.
And something burns nearby,
Something very, very dear.

They play a game of rummy
One wins, other ensures those cards.
Very close behind
Abandoned structures are falling apart.

They get up and stretch –
And play some more games.
In the backdrop one could see
The house light up in flames.

The fire would follow dry grass,
And near the picnic it would land.
Would they run the easier ways?
Or would they hold out a hand?

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