The Princess of the Glass Castle

Part I
The princess of the glass castle wore a white dress,
Walked on stairs of glass and sat on a crystal mess.

Her dress shimmered of the silver and the stars.
The light in her eyes – anything but a farce.

Part II
I am scared my heel may scratch the floor;
When I walk, I am worried my dress might smash the door.

I can’t be natural, I can’t be free –
This castle is so staunch, I don’t think it feels me.

Everyone comes here to gape at it, majestic and tall,
Yet my words are barely a whisper, lest they scar the wall.
I can barely dance, every step is preceded by fear,
If I move too fast will I lose this castle, which I hold dear?

Part III
When she brushed a tear off of her eye,
There appeared a black mark under the perfectly blue sky.

She wore a fluid black and danced a spell of lust,
And the floor melted while the castle burned to dust.

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