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Half Story

Maybe the stories are only half true
So the only way to have the truth you want
Is to imagine it through

Maybe there is no way to clean the floor
It is a permanent scratch on the door
– (one you can’t ignore) –
Surprise surprise – always an unfinished chore

Invented-to-sell vitality
Imperfect reality
Non sensible even in totality

No true story of love
No caring dove
Only illusion of someone above

Entertaining a Fool: Heart vs. Mind

Why don’t they teach our hearts to be as quick as our minds? Move quickly, ruthlessly. My heart falls in love slowly. And doesn’t move so quickly. There is ill-synchronization – this process design would naturally be systematically wrong, and give a right scenario only by chance. Problem identified. Solution awaited.

Step 1: Stop listening to the heart. It is a fool. The heart is the devil. It will pine and cry and demand.

Step 2: You said no to the heart in the first instance. The heart should mellow down by now. Look at it with tenderness. Listen to it. Exhausted of crying, it would now be calmer. Ask the heart what it wants. It will reply quietly. Ask the heart ‘why?’ It will invariably have an answer. If it continues to ask for the same thing, let it have some.

Step 3: If everything goes well: congratulations. If it doesn’t, well, continue to Step 4.

Step 4: If everything isn’t as planned, its alright. Life isn’t a perfect story. Remember never to put your life on hold for anyone. This is a recipe for disaster – it brews all kinds of unnecessary expectations. Improvise. Compromise. Do not idealize.

Step 5: If things don’t work out despite genuine effort, you should know the limit to which you are willing to go. If anything asks you to lower your self-esteem – drop it.

Step 6: Drop it, Move on. Remember, don’t put your life on hold.

Step 7: Easier said than done? I agree. But you have simply got to do it. Stand up straight, throw back your hair, and get on with work. You have a life, the centre of which is you . Someone once told me a brilliant quote by Charlie Chaplin: “Life is a tragedy in close-up, but a comedy in long shot.” Look at the big picture and be grateful for the experience that made you more aware of yourself. Before I sleep at night, I thank God for all the bad experiences that have hurt me in some way. These are the experiences that make you go outside your comfort zone. If life were a jungle, this experience just made you fitter to survive. You just smoothened a rough edge that you had, and are now stronger for everything else that you wanted, and I do know you have many dreams that are blazing inside you asking for some fresh air. Go tend to them.

Step 8: When in life you look back, don’t regret anything. It is what you wanted and you did everything in good faith. For the next time, I would remember these lines I once heard from sufi singer Shafqat Amanat Ali: “Hamne usase wafa mangi jise wafa ka matlab hi nahi pata”, “I asked for the sincerity from one, who is oblivious to what it means.” Forgive yourself and move on. Next time, give the mind more time to audit your heart’s whims.

Leaves, you, and me

Standing among the trees
Feeling that breeze
You look at me adoringly
As I straighten up that crease.

You lift me off my feet
Throw me into a mess of autumn leaves
“Are you going to help me up now?”
and you tell me to say that with a please.

I roll my eyes
Brush fingers through my hair
Re-arrange my dress –
And you push me down again.

The Hold and the Chase

That pretty stone from the beach?

Yes, I had to have it

So I picked it up

Tossed it onto my blanket.


Sneaked it away, yes –

Took it into my hold

Took it away to the sunny warmth,

Away from the water’s cold.


Are you of the sea?

Or of the sands?

No it doesn’t matter –

Cuz you’d still be in my hands.


Discoveries add meaning

To days otherwise crazed

Reignite the spirit

And dreams and desires to be chased.


It was half of me that spoke to you, half of me that wanted you.

In all sincerity were the promises made

By half of me that thought of you.

And now I wake up to the rest of me

But, really, never had I lied before

The half of me that confessed its love

Never knew that I could feel any more.

And now I awaken and see the light

And feel the wind in my hair,

And suddenly when I see a new part of me

The disguise of my half love for you I’ll no more wear.

It’s a funny love

It looked perfect yesterday

And now when I finally let it out to be free

I can’t bear to see it wither away.

So now I take the lesson with me

And I would say it was not my fault

Is it really wrong if I wish to be free?

A little girl with little feet

A little girl with little feet

Walked her little perfect land

She felt the wind in her hair, the smell of the sea

And underneath her feet some fine fine sand.


In her head her life was complete

And yearned only to keep moving

One step here and next one there –

She knew the path as learning and growing.


She steered the ship of her little life

And weaved little dreams that would forever last

Until of course when they became real

And then she would find another sail for her mast.


It was a bright sunny day

When her ship sighted another

On the vast seas that she thought she owned –

Here was a harmless intruder.


They opened a rum

It was a moment of celebration

To find solace

On this endless ocean.


They danced, they cheered

They laughed at life

But wondered secretly how they would look

As man and wife.

The words were sudden

So they quickly were made to vanish

And they continued to dance into the night

Until they went to bed famished.


Our friend the intruder deserves an introduction

He was an adventurer from beyond the horizon

He knew a million of the sea’s secrets

And had discovered a thousand.


A boy of might

And courage and heart

He had braved some storms

And played a proud part.


One fine morning

The girl and the boy said their goodbye’s

They went to their docks

And looked yet again at the skies.

They knew they had dreams

And hopes to be fulfilled

So they set again on their paths

And began navigating with skill.


For months the girl sailed

And crossed many-a-lands

She had her own adventures

With the helm held firm under her hand.


She often thought of the adventurer

But she laughed it off

There were her perfect little dreams

And she would set afloat with another job.


One morning at the bay

When the waters were calm

She recognized a bottle and a hat

Just by the palm.


She felt her missing pulse

And so did the face under the hat

Which she now recognized as her own

She went to join the boy where he sat.


He laughed

She giggled

He bowed

She clapped

He spoke

She blushed

He got the boat

She got the map.