At First Look

..and the very rustic thoughts that accompany it


23rd April 2020
At the Altar – Part 2

6th April 2020
At the Altar

9th July 2019
Imposter in The Temple

6th September 2018
Black Coffee: A Love Story

5th August 2018
The Princess of the Glass Castle

20th July 2018
Two opposite pendulums

8th May 2016

15th February 2016
Dance with me

9th January 2016
(from Winter, 2012)
Stitch Me Up

9th January 2016
(from July 2014)
Firefly Moments

5th August 2015
Gardener, Wildling and Weed

13th July 2015
The Sky-Sea

2nd February 2015
Entertaining a Fool: Heart vs. Mind

12th November 2014
Leaves, you and me

17th June 2014
Two friends and a Picnic

21st March 2014
The Hold and the Chase

16th February 2014
Dating-A Happy Illusion?

12th January 2014
Find x

28th December 2013
A Little Girl with Little Feet

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