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The Sky-Sea

The sky opened its heart
And told me to taste its pearl sea
I leaned forward bewitched
Then stepped back wondering how could it be.

He laughed and told me
“Just walk right in. Your place awaits you”
I wasn’t sure if this was meant
Or had our past encounters left something due.

When I saw the sky alit and dim
Holding out its hand to let me through
I took a gasp of breath
And said I do.

“You do what?”
Said the people around me as I snapped out of a dream
“Oh, I have a lot to do,
That’s what I mean”.

Yet another day
I step out into sunshine
And look at the sky, wondering,
Are you really mine?

The sky urges
“I and my seas have always been”
Then why won’t you bend down from that horizon
And take me like its queen?


Am I to take a flight
To reach you on a whim
Or work with time
And ensure that I can swim?]

एक दोस्त ने हमसे कहा,
तुम्हारी दोस्ती झूठी है;
बरसों बीत गए उसे मनाते मनाते –
वह फिर भी रूठी है।

इन सालों में हवा के रुख बदल गए –
वह कहती है हम अलग राह पर निकल गए।

पर आज भी हम-तुम वही गीत गाते हैं,
उसी तालाब उसी टीले पर जाते हैं।

एक अकेला
कैसे जोडे टूटे धागे?
काश वो कहती,
आओ साथ में नया धागा पिरोऍ।

WOW. (aka the feeling of posting for the first time)

It is finally here.

Cheers to my uncle whose sheer love for tech-problem solving led to a long late night trouble shooting session, toppling into the unexpected sheer joy of writing down this post. I can hardly believe it.

After a long time of delving deep into the technical puzzles and reaching multiple-dead ends, here is my own site with my own name and space for my own sensible and not-so-sensible ideas (of course). Despite thinking through this first ‘dramatic’ post on several over-enthusiastic and technically hampered evenings earlier, having reached here its a clean page without starting guidelines and yet there is no better time to begin but now.

I have already done a zillion spell checks, and before I make more, let me go back, digest this moment and be back, more sane.