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Mr. Nobody

I chanced upon this song while watching Mr. Nobody. The narration is gripping, the actors engaging, and the music, you can devour it.

“As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible” – imdb.

The protagonist is empowered by the weight that his choice has on his life, and yet, he is only choosing among the many options laid out for him. Why does he not pursue his own interests? It is true that he is matching possibilities with his own multi-morphosing desires, and yet, he is confined by the choices made available to him. In his mind he exercises free will, and yet he is oblivious to the limitations in his dreams. HeĀ thinks he is free. An analogy would be of a wild animal running freely in a controlled forest area. Sure, you think you are the choice maker. But what you really are doing is comfortably allowing the past and the current environment to shape your decisions.

The beauty of this movie is, you can form conjectures in directions that you fancy – much in contrast to the handsome protagonist, who is given freedom, but on a leash.